Red Team Ends the Scatter Rap Challenge with Giant Walleye

Joe Henry Grins Holding 28-Inch Trophy Walleye

It’s time to scrape your jaw off the boat carpet! Holst and Henry team up to end the 2013 Scatter Rap Challenge with nothing but giant Lake of the Woods gold! Watch as walleye after walleye fall victim to the Scatter Rap Minnow in the Golden Alburnus color pattern! Joe Henry catches a 28-inch, 8.25 lb. trophy walleye, and Holst hooks a 26-incher.

Red Team Captain Hoists Hefty Walleye

Joe Henry’s Trophy GPS Waypoint Coordinates: N 49 01.607, W 94 41.043

James Holst’s Lunker GPS Waypoint Coordinates: N 49 01.618, W 94 41.198