Lunch Break Lunker, 30.5″ Walleye Caught by Crew Member

Rapala's Dustin Butler Grins, Holding Fish of a Lifetime, 30.5" Walleye

What happens when you set a crew member loose with a rod and Scatter Rap on Lake of the Woods for a late lunch break? If you are Rapala’s Dustin Butler, get ready for a fish of a lifetime.

Butler barely put hooks into a giant 30.5″ walleye on Knight Shoal in between bites of his sandwich. “I was totally freaking out, I saw it was barely hooked, and as it kept digging and making boatside runs, I couldn’t help but thinking how crushed I would be if she got away. Thankfully this story ends with a big fish grin!

Proud Scatter Rap Challenge Crew Member Lifts 30.5" Walleye

Dustin Butler Releases Trophy Walleye Caught at Scatter Rap Challenge

GPS Waypoint Coordinates: N 49 05.522, W 94 45.619