Will Roseberg Jacks Giant Pike for Gold Team

After a huge pike follows Gold Team co-angler Will Roseberg’s Gold Aburnus Scatter Rap Minnow back to the boat, he pitches the bait back out, gives it a twitch or two and wham! Line and drag start screaming.

“He came right back and just smoked it!” Will hollers up to gold Team Captain Mark Fisher. “This is a high-30′s pike going here!”

Fisher agrees. “Look at the head on that guy, he’s all of that!”

“That was so cool, because we called that shot!” Will enthuses, hand-landing the pike and holding it up to admire.

“That’s a Canadian experience,” Fisher says.

Then, as Will’s attention is diverted momentarily as he looks for his Rapala pliers, the huge pike lunges toward Fisher, who scrambles to avoid her teeth.

“Whoah, she’s been in the grasp!” Fisher exclaims.

They subdue the fish and measure it. She goes 39 1/2 inches; 18 pounds.

We’ve got a new big fish for the Scatter Rap Challenge!

GPS Waypoint Coordinates: N 49 23.173, W 94 47.736