These Are Not The Rocks You’re Looking For (But These Are)

As Black Team Captain Joel Nelson and his Day 2 co-angler Cal Svihel target smallmouths Tuesday morning – in an effort to claw out of last place in the total fish count! – they explain why they’re casting to some shoreline rocks, but not to others.

“We’re not just fishing random navigational hazards throughout Lake of the Woods,” Nelson explains, reeling in chunky smallmouth he fooled with a Scatter Crank in the Demon color – or “Sparkling Hot Crawdad” as Nelson dubs it. “We’re focusing on those spots with round rubble rock that are also separated from shoreline features.”

Pointing to the shoreline that he and Nelson are fishing, Cal notes the differences between productive and unproductive rocks on this day.

GPS Waypoint Coordinates: N 49 24.984, W 94 46.204

“You’ll see a lot of steep rock and gradual rocks,” he explains. “That’s not the rocks you really want to fish for this type of a pattern. You want to find these boulders that are close to shore, or right up tight to shore. And when you’ve got wind blowing in, it helps just a little bit more.”

When in doubt, Nelson adds, fish the round rocks.

“Anything with rounded edges has been much more productive than the harder, more angular, darker-color rocks,” he explains. “Those brighter, lighter-color boulders with the rounder edges have definitely been [better]. And of all sizes – cobble size all the way up to vehicle size.”