Black Team Really Dialing in the Walleye Trolling Bite

After Black Team Captain Joel Nelson hauls in one of several 18-inch walleyes caught in the last 45 minutes, he and his Day 1 co-angler Paul Delaney provide insight into the tips and tactics they are using to dial in on their lead core trolling bite.

“A real critical tool to this is absolutely having a line counter reel,” Delaney explains. He is letting out 58 to 70 feet of line per trolling pass. “Without that line counter reel, you really wouldn’t know exactly what zone to be in.”

GPS Waypoint Coordinates: N 49 38.810, W 94 32.038

The 18-inch, 2.1-pound walleye that Nelson catches and releases in this segment hit a Scatter Minnow in the Gold Albernus color in about 13 feet of water on a windswept shoreline. That color is out-producing other colors about 2-to-1.

Black Team Dials In The Walleye Bite

When trolling, Nelson notes, be sure to experiment with different bait colors, especially as weather and light conditions change.

“Keep running those baits through the rotation. …” he says. “That’s how we found that gold.”