Bass Tournament Guy Putting on a Big-Pike Clinic

Mark Fisher Catches Another Huge Pike on the Scatter Rap Minnow in Golden Alburnus

Although he’s targeting smallmouth bass, Gold Team Captain Mark Fisher is putting on a big-pike clinic today!

His second big pike of the day, a 37-inch, 14 1/4 pounder, also comes on a Golden Alburnus Scatter Minnow. The big predator was on patrol in six feet of 60 degree water behind a point, with emergent vegetation, sand and scattered chunk rock.

“There you go Joe, you’re making a believer out of me on Gold Alburnus!” Fisher says as he lands the big pike. “Whether its the Shad, or the Minnow, can be the CountDown, or the Crank.”

GPS Waypoint Coordinates: N 49. 41.240, W 94 39.025